Sunrise Avenue is a Finnish rock band originally formed in 2002 in Helsinki, Finland. In the early days, the band was called Sunrise and the name was changed to Sunrise Avenue in 2003. Their style varies from rock and pop-rock to rock ballads. Sunrise Avenue's best known songs are "Hollywood Hills" (2011), "Fairytale Gone Bad" (2006), "Forever Yours" (2007), "The Whole Story" (2009), "Heal Me" (2007), "Welcome To My Life" (2009), and "Heartbreak Century" (2017). The band has released five studio albums, two live albums, three live DVDs, a best-of album and 21 singles. They are successful and known across continental Europe, especially their home country and Germany as well as some Eastern European countries. On 2 December 2019 they announced their intention to disband in 2020, with the release of one final single and tour for 2020.
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