Mirko Hirsch is a German musician, singer, songwriter and producer. Besides his own songs, he has written and arranged songs for Ken Laszlo ("S.O.S.", "Hey Operator", "In the Night", "Fire & Ice"), Albert One, Aleph ("I'm On Fire"), Italove ("Rhythm of Love"), TQ (3) ("Let's go to Tokyo", "Kickstart", "Rhythm of Love"), Fred Ventura ("In the Night"), Linda Jo Rizzo ("Fingertips", "There's a fire", "Under Fire"), Tiziana Rivale ("Open Up Your Heart"), Retronic Voice ("Shot down"), Trans-X ("Video Night", "My Fascination"), Elen Cora, and other Italo Disco & Eurodisco artists. He also uses pseudonyms to release songs in slightly different styles (e.g. Rick De Moore for Eurodisco, Dario Silver for darker, more electro Italo Disco).
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