Ultimate Survival Hacks: Over 500 Amazing Tricks That Just Might Save Your Life
English | November 27, 2018 | ISBN-13 : 978-1681884240 | 225 Pages | True PDF | 121.31 MB
Fortune favors the prepared . . . and learning how to innovate, improvise, and make do will prepare you for just about anything. Detailed advice and step-by-step illustrations show you how to handle natural disasters, wilderness mishaps, and total catastrophes with whatever you have to hand, from duct tape to plastic bags to acorns. Hundreds of tips for situations ranging from the common to the once in a lifetime (you hope!), including; use junk food to start a campfire, harvest drinkable water from morning dew, use your belt to sharpen a knife, suture a wound with dental floss, and use a bra as a respirator . . . and much, much more. If you can find it in an emergency, Tim can almost certainly help you turn it into a survival tool!
Ultimate.Survival.Hacks: Over.500.Amazing.Tricks.That.Just.Might.Save.Your.Life-P2P
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